Ski Tuning

November 3, 2009 | Uncategorized | 2 comments   

Keeping your skies tuned is highly important when your a frequent skier and are able to notice the difference in performance.  The technologies to tune your skies have become more and more advanced.  One of these technologies is repairing the bottom of your ski or snowboard with a soldering iron to remove scratches from rocks, roots, ect.  This is a more technologically advanced way compared to using a ptex candle to get ride of unwanted scratches.  Slide Wright stated that “the days of burning ptex candles are over”.  However I completely disagree because the ptex candle is a much simpler and cheaper way to repair your skies.  It is also less time consuming.  It is good to have your skies tuned by a professional every few months but, for any average skier or boarder a ptex candle will get the job done.  I personally do not notice a big difference between the two methods of tuning, so to me the days of burning ptex candles are still going strong.

Helmet Regulations

October 15, 2009 | Uncategorized | 5 comments   

The Ski Safety Blog had a very interesting article that talked about resorts requiring their guests to wear helmets.  This blog did not have an opinion on the subject, but however I have one to give.

Across the United States, ski resorts are requiring their guests to wear helmets.  The reason is the deaths of several skiers who have died from head injuries, that occurred while skiing.  Even though the resorts have the best interests in mind, I believe that they should not be allowed to require a skier or snowboarder to wear a helmet if they do not wish to.  I personally wear a helmet for the obvious benefits they provide, but I think that it is unjust that a skier may be required to wear one.  Part of the reason the skiing is so enjoyable is the freedom that it gives to people.  I know that’s why I love it.  On skis I can do anything and I do not think I would love skiing without the freedom that comes with it.  For this reason it should be the skier’s choice whether or not to wear a helmet.

Skiing: Where to find the terrain you’re looking for?

October 4, 2009 | Uncategorized | 2 comments   

Skiing is a popular winter sport that many people enjoy.  I mean whats not to love?  The fresh air, excitement, amazing views, powder.  Of course everyone has a different reason for loving skiing, also everyone has a different type of terrain they are looking for.  Some people need intermediate slopes, while others need expert terrain.  Each ski resort has a unique quality that makes it desirable to different people over another resort.  For instance, I ski at Jackson Hole, Wyoming because they have the largest selection of expert terrain.  Therefore it perfect for me and anyone like me, but for those who skiing ability is a more intermediate or beginner it is not the best place.  So I am here to tell you where to ski depending on snow conditions and terrain.

So if you are looking for expert terrain, ask anyone and they will say go to Jackson Hole. It is without a doubt the best expert terrain in America. It was awarded by Skiing magazine the best back country access and best steeps. The best overall mountain was Whistler Blackcomb. With the best overall terrain. It also won second best in best back country access and third in Steeps. The number one resort for best snow by Skiing magazine was Snowbird Utah. Any of these three resort will be good for terrain and snow conditions.